MAF’s Day of Prayer:

Praying for 6kgs of Good News

They call it

‘the Biblebox’

What was once a humble toolbox is now a transport mechanism for the Word of God. The tray is removed and 6kgs of bible resources are jammed inside.

10 MAF pilots, scattered across PNG, load these bibleboxes onto their planes. And out they go, to remote communities otherwise forgotten.

The crowds that gather at the airstrips - in anticipation of the biblebox - sends tingles up your spine. They have travelled from communities far and wide, some of them walking for half a day. They are thirsty for the Word of God.

Over the past 3 years, a massive 7000 bibles have been distributed to remote communities around PNG.

On October 26, MAF’s Day of Prayer, we want you to join us in ‘sending out’ these Bibles, by giving 20/20.

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Reaching the remote

Hover over a MAF base to see where the Biblebox goes

Giving 20/20

$20 for a Bible / 20 minutes in prayer

October 26 is MAF’s Day of Prayer. We’d love you to partner with us in this Biblebox ministry - in sending these Bibles out and to pray for them as they go. We’re asking for $20 for a Bible and 20 minutes of your time in prayer on Sunday the 26th of October.

20/20 vision is the ability to see clearly. Throughout the Bible, we read of people who have their ‘spiritual eyes’ opened when they come into contact with the Word of God. This is our prayer for the people of Papua New Guinea as this Biblebox reaches remote communities.

Our goal is to send 1000 bibles and have 100 people register to pray with us.

Join us in sending these bibles and praying on October 26!

If you’re looking for prayer resources for your group, including the DVD, extra ‘Prayer Guides’ and/or Powerpoint slides, just ‘Register to Pray’ and fill out the form.